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The definitive guide to find the best interior designer in Bangalore

The definitive guide to find the best interior designer in Bangalore

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In a city like Bangalore finding a good interior designer is difficult, but we have cracked that problem already.Finding the best interior designer

At Truww (in case you have not heard about us, we are a marketplace of interior designers), everyday we face the challenge of finding good interior designers as our partners and providing these options to our customers. But the truth is that finding a reliable interior designer is very difficult. So how do we do this? Let me explain:

First lets understand what should be the factors one should consider when analysing a good interior design company:

Factor 1: Work Portfolio

The first thing to look for in an interior firm is at their past work, this will give you an idea of their taste of designing and also prove that they have good experience, however you have to be careful that the photos are not copied from another website. At Truww, we verify and photograph vendor's projects ourselves before onboarding them on our platform. Verified Interior Design Project Every verified project has a tick mark.

Factor 2: Quality of finish

Most of interior designing involves around manufacturing of furniture i.e modular kitchens, wardrobes, etc at least in Bangalore. With advancements in carpentery, modern machineries are used these days which give much better finishing of product. While some interior companies use modern machines others still use traditional tools - where the quality is dependant on the workmanship of the carpenters. Therefore at Truww, we only partner with interior companies having their own modular manufacturing setup.

Factor 3: Price Rating

As no standardization exists, the pricing of different firms is different and may need deep analysis. One needs to understand the sqft costs and look for hidden costs as well like designsing, transportation, etc. Some of the top interior designers also charge heavily just because they have build a good portfolio over time and have more incoming demand but as a customer it doesn't makes sense to pay for additional and one should rather pay for better quality. Recommended reading: Brief guide to woodwork costing in Bangalore

Factor 4: Type of Designing offered

While some interior designers offer 3D views others offer 2D ones, the ones that provide 3D charge higher. We suggest 3D designs only for luxury projects, for budget and premium projects one can go for the cheaper 2D option or a 3D sketch. The most important thing in designing is knowing the dimensions of each part of the furniture. Verified Interior Design Project A 3D Sketch of a modular kitchen.

Factor 5: Past record on service

One must also look at the past record/ratings of an interior firm and try to see through their dedication for delivering the best service. However, you have to beaware of fake ratings. This is one of the biggest reasons, we build Truww. We do not rely on online reviews that can be posted by anyone, but instead only rely on genuine reviews posted by customers who have done their projects through Truww. Not only this, when you do your project with Truww, we assign a Project Support Manager and a Quality Manager who oversee your project from our side. We use technical processes to track the project's status, do various quality checks and resolve issues. So no matter what a Truww customer will always have a good experience with their interiors project.

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If you are looking to get your interiors done, do try Truww - where you get pre-negotiated best rates, guaranteed quality work & on-time completion from the best interior designers in Bangalore. To learn more about Truww check this link.

Hope this article will help you in planning your home interiors project. If you have any doubts do leave them in comments and I will be glad to answer :)

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