Stainless Steel vs Plywood Modular Kitchens

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Stainless Steel vs Plywood Modular Kitchens

Stainless Steel vs Plywood Modular Kitchens

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If you are planning for your modular kitchen and deeply concerned about the best raw material for your purpose, this article will help you.Steel vs Ply modular kitchen

Lets have a look at the various aspects of a Steel vs Plywood Modular kitchen. marketing_gif_small

Stainless Steel vs Plywood Modular Kitchen

Attributes Stainless Steel Plywood
Cost Expensive. Budget Friendly.
Durability Can last upto multiple generations. Lasts relatively less - depending on maintenance.
Available Finishes Multiple colors available. Multiple Laminates & Acrylic finishes are available.
Pest Issues No pest issues. With ISI certified ply no issues, otherwise chance of borers/termites.
Deformation Chances of deforming of shutters. Doesn't bend usually.
Noise Can cause excessive noise. No noise.
Safety Non-flammable but good conductor of electricity. Does not conduct but inflammable.
Options Limited brands. Various interior designers & modular kitchen brands.

Hope this article will help you in planning your home interiors project. If you have any doubts do leave them in comments and I will be glad to answer :)

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