5 Modern Design Ideas for your Modular Kitchen

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5 Modern Design Ideas for your Modular Kitchen

5 Modern Design Ideas for your Modular Kitchen

8739 Views Updated On 03 Jun, 2021 By Anupam Srivastav

Its difficult to get the most out of your kitchen. So here we present some unique design ideas that will make your modular kitchen stand out.

1. Kitchen with False Ceiling

modular kitchen with false ceiling and lighting False ceiling and lighting add brightness to your kitchen in a distributed way making your kitchen look come alive.

2. Kitchen with Breakfast counter

modular kitchen with breakfast counter Adding a breakfast counter to your kitchen with some chairs brings functionality along with good looks.


3. Kitchen with Island Unit

modular kitchen in island unit For spacious kitchens you can add an island unit which can serve as a breakfast counter and a crockery unit as well for storage.

4. Kitchen with digital laminates

modular kitchen with digital laminate Ready to use digital laminates for kitchens are available with very few brands. However, you can get HD images of your choice impressed over laminates by paying soome additional amount.

5. Kitchen with frosted glass and aluminium profile handles

modular kitchen with frosted glass You can use a combination of frosted glass shutters for your kitchen wall cabinets and aluminium profile handles. Profile handles are an alternative to regular handles, they are easy to use and gives a modern look.

6. Breakfast counter with lightings

modular kitchen with designer breakfast counter Another kitchen with a breakfast counter but with some designer hanging lights and gate panelling. Use of laser-cut front panel in breakfast counter will add uniqueness to your kitchen.

7. Kitchen with solid surface countertop

modular kitchen with solid surface countertop Instead of a granite counter top you can go for a solid surface countertop made of acrylic polymers to match your laminate colors better. Solid surfaces are available in various colors but are a little expensive over granite.

7. Kitchen with bronze handles

modular kitchen with bronze handles There are a wide variety of handle choices available, you can opt for something unique that best suits your kitchen. This kitchen has bronze handles used which makes the membrane finish color more vibrant.

The above pictures are taken from our collection of executed interior projects in Bangalore. Do checkout the links below to discover more kitchen designs. Planning your kitchen takes time and patience :)

If you have any questions, do post them in a comment below and I will be glad to answer them.
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