Cost of Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

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Cost of Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

Cost of Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

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In this article we will understand the cost of a modular kitchen by breaking it up into multiple items involved. Woodwork Costing

Items involved in a Modular Kitchen

  • Wood work
  • Accessories
  • Countertop
  • Chimney and Hob
  • Sink

Lets look at the cost of all of them one-by-one. In the end we will add them up to see the total cost. marketing_gif_small


Woodwork accounts for 50-70% of the total cost of your modular kitchen. To analyze the cost of woodwork all you need to know is the measurements of your kitchen. Costing in woodwork is usually done by calculating the surface area of the exposed furniture using two adjacent sides. For example, a l-shaped kitchen of dimensions 7ft x 4ft will have the following area:

area (of Base Unit) = (7+4-2)ft x 2.9ft

Here you need to add the total length of the kitchen's woodwork outer perimeter and multiply it with the height - usually 2.9ft.

After you have calculated the sqft area you can multiply that with the per sqft rate to get the actual cost:

Cost = area x per sqft rate

Similarly, you will also need to calculate the cost separately for middle unit and lofts.

The per sqft rates for BWP plywood recommended for Base Unit would be around Rs. 1500-1800 and for MR plywood used for Wall Units would be around Rs. 1100-1500. The cost of loft could be much less, around Rs. 600-900. The rates would however be different for other finishes like High Gloss or Acrylic.

Usually the material used in the base unit and the wall unit is different. At Truww we use BWP plywood for the base unit and MR plywood for the wall unit and lofts.

Tip: BWP plywood is of much better quality than BWP plywood with about 70% higher cost. Hence we at Truww prefer it over BWR

To understand how interior designers prepare costing in detail check this article too: A brief guide to woodwork costing in bangalore


Bottle Units from Hettich

Accessories include various baskets, pullouts, liftups etc which are available these days from leading brands like Hettich and Ebco. The cost of these are based on the price set by the respective companies.

The cost of accessories for your kitchen depend on the amount you are willing to spend for additional sophistication and can vary anywhere from 10k to 1.5k

To see various kinds of accessories available and their costs you can also check our article on kitchen accessories


Granite Slab in kitchen

The cost of the countertop can vary on the type of material you choose. You can go for either of Granite or Corian, etc. This can range from about 150 per sqft to 2000 per sqft. The cost of fitting the granite can be between 300 per sqft to 600 per sqft or higher.

The installation of the slab is to be done after the carcass of the base cabinet is done but before the installation of the shutter or any accessories. In case you have a pre-existing slab your interior designer may ask you to get it removed first. This is additional cost and can sometimes lead to breakage of the material too.

Chimney and Hob

Chimney and Hob are usually purchased from brands and need to be done before you finalize the designs for your modular kitchen as the size and placement of both of these are needed as inputs while designing the kitchen. You can purchase a chimney for about Rs. 12000 - Rs. 24000. A hob can cost from 3-4k to 10k depending on the type of hob.


Sinks again are available on a wide variety of range starting from as low as 3k to 25k and beyond.


Finally, lets do a total of the various components involved in desinging your modular kitchen.

Item Cost (in Rs.)
Woodwork 80k - 200k
Accessories 10k - 100k
Countertop 20k - 60k
Chimney and Hob 20k - 40k
Sink 3k - 50k
Total 133k - 450k

To conclude, a modular kitchen can cost from Rs. 1.3 Lacs to 4.5 lacs or more depending on the primary material, finish, accessories, etc.

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Hope I was able to address your doubts in this article. In case I have missed something do let me know in the comments below.

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