Best 5 pooja room designs for Indian homes

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Best 5 pooja room designs for Indian homes

Best 5 pooja room designs for Indian homes

65551 Views Updated On 03 Jun, 2021 By Anupam Srivastav

Pooja room (also called Puja Unit or Mandir) is very important for most Indians. Check out 5 best designs to get more ideas on how to design yours.

1. Pooja Room with carved doors

pooja room with carved door For those who love traditional designs this Pooja Room door is the most appealing. The pillars and the carving work on the top make this one of the best choices.

2. Pooja Corner

pooja unit in corner Space saving design beautifully done in a corner with some CNC work attached the wall. This is a good example of a modern design.

3. Wall attached Pooja Unit

pooja unit on wall Another good example of space saving design for smaller homes in urban cities beautifully done with some texture paintings.


4. Simple pooja unit with CNC back

pooja corner with cnc designs For those who like simple designs and have a dedicated pooja room or corner this design is a good starting point. The CNC on the back and the Gumbaj on the top make this design a good choice.

5. Pooja Unit attached to Storage Unit

best pooja unit design for apartments This is a pooja unit which is attached to a storage unit. Serving dual purpose this design is both modern and space saving.

Did you get ideas on how your pooja unit should be designed? To get more ideas do check out our completed projects.

If you have any questions, do post them in a comment below and I will be glad to answer them.
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