A brief guide to woodwork costing in bangalore

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A brief guide to woodwork costing in bangalore

A brief guide to woodwork costing in bangalore

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Looking to get your interiors done but unable to understand the costing?
Woodwork Costing

If you have bought a new home and are just starting to plan your woodwork the first thing that you will stumble upon is how the costing works. Don't fret, you are not alone, 80% of our customers at Truww would have bought their first home and usually spend 10-20 minutes with our customer executive to understand this. That's one of the reasons I decided to write this post, with details sometimes we might sometimes miss over a phone call.

Before discussing the prevalent rates quoted by vendors in the industry lets first understand how their costing model works.

Note: Some vendors work on unit costing instead of a per sqft costing model which I will not cover in this post.

marketing_gif_small To understand costing lets start by getting rid of some of the myths homeowners usually have:

Myth #1 - The per sqft quoted is based on the flooring area

While you might have purchased the flat priced on the carpet area, interior quotations don't work on the same. They are based on the surface area of the furniture not the floor.

Myth #2 - The per sqft area of ply used = per sqft area in costing

Many people would wonder why the per sqft rate of ply is far less compared to the prices quoted by most vendors. The reason is that this is not the same sqft in consideration.

Calculating sqft the right way

The per square feet in interiors is actually calculated by measuring the surface area of the exposed furniture using two adjacent sides. For example, in case of a wardrobe of 7ft height and 6ft width:

area = 6 x 7ft
Wardrobe sqft measurements

In case of modular kitchens this same concept is used however for l-shaped or u-shaped kitchens you need to subtract the corner area as it is measured twice.

Now that we have understood how to calculate the square foot area we can easy calculate the costing by multiplying area with the per sqft rates:

Cost = area x per sqft rate

Current rates for woodwork in Bangalore

With huge number of vendors, Bangalore sees vast differences in sqft prices. Lets have a look at the currently prevalent rates:

Furniture Type Material Used Starting Price
(in Rs.)
High End Price
(in Rs.)
Modular Kitchen Base Unit BWP Ply with Laminate 1550 3000
Modular Kitchen Base Unit BWR Ply with Laminate 1400 2600
Wardrobe MR Ply with Laminate 1100 1700
Lofts MR Ply with Laminate 750 1100
** Mentioned cost covers all essential materials like plywood, laminate, hinges, channels, labor, designing and transportation. Kitchen accessories like baskets, tandem boxes, etc are not covered.

The starting prices are offered by carpenters and semi-modular vendors, while the high end prices are usually quoted by most reputed brands. Between these two extremes are the modular vendors and interior designers. TIP: While a modular vendor provides with better quality than a semi-modular vendor or carpenter, a good interior designer will provide with classy design services as well.

If you are opting for a different finish than laminate like Veneer or Acrylic the sqft rate will be slightly higher. Some vendors may instead charge an additional fixed cost too.

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If you are looking to know a more accurate estimate do try Truww - where you get pre-negotiated best rates, guaranteed quality work & on-time completion from the best interior designers in Bangalore. To learn more about Truww check this link. To understand how we select the top interior firms read The defintive guide to find the best interior designer in Bangalore

Hope I was able to address your doubts in this article. In case I have missed something do let me know in the comments below.

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