Kitchen Corner Unit - Best Ideas

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Kitchen Corner Unit - Best Ideas

Kitchen Corner Unit Best Ideas

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The corner unit of a L-shaped modular kitchen or U-shaped modular kitchen needs to be paid proper attention.

1) Cut out shelves

Cut out shelves in kitchen design

This is the most cost-effective solution as no additional accessories are installed. However, it is not the best option as it is difficult to reach to the corners.

2) Extended shelves

Extended shelves in kitchen design

This design is useful if you plan to store some less used items in the corners. Even though it is difficult to reach out this is a cost effective solution and may work for many households. marketing_ad

3) Corner Carousel Unit

Corner Carousel Unit fro Ebco

Accessories like Corner Carousel made by brands like Ebco can be used. These accessories rotate and make the utilization of the space easier. This is a good accessory in budget.

4) Corner Swivel Pullout

Corner Swivel Unit from Hettich

Corner Swivel Pullout made by Hettich is one of the best option which provides the proper utilisation.

5) Magic Corner Unit

Magic Corner Unit from Hettich

Another accessory from Hettich with great utilisation of corner unit space. The accessory on pulling comes out of the cabinet completely in a smooth action.

Hope the above points gave you some insight into kitchen planning. A good kitchen does take some time to plan but as you are going to use it for many years to come its very important to pay proper attention before finalizing the design.

If you have any questions, do post them in a comment below and I will be glad to help answer them.

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