Common mistakes in kitchen planning

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Common mistakes in kitchen planning

Common mistakes in kitchen planning

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Kitchen is one of the most complex part of interiors. With too many options of cabinet types and accessories one can quickly make a mistake. Lets look at some of the most common mistakes and how you can be careful to not repeat them while doing your kitchen.

1) Fixing granite before carcass is assembled

Granite Slab in kitchen

A common mistake among home buyers is that they get the granite fixed before installation of the kitchen cabinets. The granite if fixed before needs to be removed and refixed after installation of base cabinets. This may lead to breakage while lifting and needs to be avoided. Fixing the granite very late after the accessories and shutters have been installed is also not recommended as concrete debris may accumulate over the hardware fittings and they might not function properly.

2) Cylinder is placed inside cabinets

Cylinder inside cabinet

Most of Indian households still depend on LPG cylinders for cooking. However there are better ways to place the cylinder than making a cabinet for it. The recommended way is to keep the cylinder in the utility area and connect it to the stove using copper piping. marketing_gif_small

3) Not using removable skirting

Removable skirting in modular kitchen

Using skirting is a great way to design kitchen as you can easily clean the floor below the cabinets. This is one of the main advantages of opting for modular kitchens.

4) Height of breakfast counter not planned

Breakfast counter in a kitchen

Breakfast counters are a great addition to your kitchen as they serve the need for a mini-dining table. However one must be careful with the height of the counter. The height must be carefully planned according to the kind of seating chairs you plan to use. Different kind of stools have different heights and may not work well with your counter.

5) Chimney and Hob Position near corners

Chimney and Hob

Most of your time in the kitchen is spent near the hob or the sink. These modules should therefore not be put near edges or corner areas of your kitchen as it may become too congested to stand there for long periods of time.

Hope the above points gave you some insight into kitchen planning. A good kitchen does take some time to plan but as you are going to use it for many years to come its very important to pay proper attention before finalizing the design.

If you have any questions, do post them in a comment below and I will be glad to help answer them.

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