5 checks to make before starting interiors

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5 checks to make before starting interiors

5 checks to make before starting interiors

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Starting interior work should not be done in a hassle before your flat is ready and all the pending work is completed by the builder. However to save rent/EMI sometimes one may plan to start a little early. Here are 5 things that give you a good indication that you can start woodwork.

1. Electrical connection is in place

Electrical Connection

This is very important as every type of work carpentry, false ceiling, etc requires drills that need electric connection. Also one must ensure that the connection is not intermittent as it may delay your interior work if already started.


2. First coat of paint is completed

Wall Paint

It is recommended to get the first coat of paint done by the builder before you start the interior work. As there are chances of damage to the paint while installing furniture a final coat should be done later.

3. Lift is in working condition

Working Lift

If your flat is at a higher floor lifting material may be difficult. Usually it costs extra to lift materials above 3rd floor and therefore its advisable to get the lift in working condition.

4. Alteration in plumbing points

Plumbing Work

If you are planning for any alterations in the plumbing or electrical points its better to get them done by the builder beforehand. This helps the interior decorator plan your furniture accordingly.

5. Flooring is completed

Wooden Flooring

This is a obvious one. Getting your flooring done in parallel with woodwork can lead to handling multiple vendors and result in faulty work.

Hope this article will help you in planning your home interiors project. If you have any doubts do leave them in comments and I will be glad to answer :)

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