Modular Kitchens in Bangalore - Complete Guide

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Modular Kitchens in Bangalore - Complete Guide

Modular Kitchens in Bangalore Complete Guide

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You are most likely to spend a big chunk of your interiors budget on your modular kitchen. Therefore having in-depth knowledge on this will not only help you make the right choices but also give a longer life to your kitchen.

A Modular Kitchen In this article I will be covering the following aspects of a modular kitchen from the perspective of a home buyer in Bangalore:

1) Materials Used.
2) Finishes Available.
3) Accessories Options.
4) Costing.
5) Modular Kitchen Brands and Manufacturers.


1. Materials Used

Most customers at Truww ask for Ply kitchens, there is also slight demand for steel and aluminium kitchens. MDF and Particle Board is another option which are considered for renting flats. The pros of steel or aluminium kitchens is that they are extremely durable and have no effect on water seepage but the cons are that they bend over time and make huge sounds when used. MDF and Particle Board kitchens are very light, have a much better finish compared to ply which is a natural product but the strenth of ply kitchens is much higher than these boards. Given that most Indians are concerned about the longeviety of their furniture they tend to go for Plywood kitchens.

2. Finishes Available

There are a wide range of finish options to choose from these days ranging from Matte finish laminates to glossy finish laminates to acrylic finishes. All these are available in hundreds of choices for colors and patterns. Checkout some of the different finishes mentioned in this article: 7 finishes for a Modular Kitchen Laminated Modular Kitchen

3. Accessories Options

A bunch of companies are solely into manufacturing Modular Kitchen Accessories, namely Hettich, Hafele, Ebco, etc. While Hettich and Hafele are german companies, Ebco is an Indian company. When you are getting a custom made modular kitchen, you can choose accessories from any company. While some of the companies have their own display centres, they can be pretty far from your location and you can instead go through their online brochures. We have an entire article dedicated to provide details on some of the basic accessories: Kitchen Accessories Guide Modular Kitchen Accessory

4. Costing

Modular Kitchen Measurements

Modular Kitchens are priced in two different ways, sqft costing and unit costing. In sqft costing, the measurement is taken as height x length which gives us the sqft area and then multiplied with a sqft rate, whereas in unit costing the vendor breaks up the entire modular kitchen model into various sub modules and quotes a fixed price for each module. The unit costing option can be very intimidating for the customers and hence at Truww only sqft model is supported. The per sqft rates for BWP plywood recommended for Base Unit of the kitchen is usually around Rs. 1500-1800 and for MR plywood used for Wall Units of the kitchen is usually around Rs. 1100-1500. The cost of loft (part touching the ceiling) could be much less, around Rs. 600-900. The rates would however be different for other finishes like High Gloss or Acrylic. You can get a proper understanding of the costing by reading: Cost of modular kitchens in Bangalore


5. Modular Kitchen Brands and Manufacturers

Most customers will be confused where to purchase their kitchen from, while there are various brands that provide modular kitchens, there are also individual interior design firms, modular manufacturers and even carpenters. One should always look to get their modular kitchen factory-made and not go for the marketing gimmick sold by their carpenters. Given that there are hundreds of modular factories in Bangalore one must only get their kitchen from a good manufacturer. While brands have a showroom, sometimes they may not have their own manufacturing setup and could only expertised in desiging the kitchen.

Hope I was able to address your doubts in this article. In case I have missed something do let me know in the comments below.

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